Aphrodisiac Foods to Help get You in the Mood

An aphrodisiac is a substance such as food, drink, drug or scent that induces or rumpled sheetsarouses feelings of sexual desire.  Aphrodisiacs can stimulate a lagging libido or set the mood of your mind and body to help you achieve greater sexual health and functioning.  Now the research out there on foods actual effects on sexual function and performance are scare, however research does show that the healthier you are overall the healthier your sex-life will be.  So I have included some healthy behaviors as well as some foods that could help your next tumble.

  • Avoiding smoking and alcohol will increase function and health.
  • Getting in at least 30 minutes of exercise most days of the week will also lead to increased testosterone. (testosterone also control’s females sex drive)


Keeping your fluid in control and maintaining your dry weight will decrease swelling and shortness of breath.

Here are some foods that can help boost your mood:

  • Eggs – A great source of amino acids that help increase blood flow through blood vessels.
  • Peaches- The high vitamin C level has been shown to increase sperm peachescount and reduce clumping all while boosting immune function.  This is included in your renal vitamin; ask your doctor if you are not on a renal multivitamin.
  • CayenneChilePepperChile Peppers- The chemical that makes peppers spicy can also help with circulation, getting your blood pumping.  It also can stimulate nerve endings to aid in arousal.
  • Oysters- High in zinc, which can aid in testosterone production.
  • Salmon- Packed full of omega-3, this fish helps to maintain sex-hormone production.
  • Vanilla- Adding a little vanilla to your dishes can stimulate nerves, increasing sensation and pleasure.



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